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Possala here. Longboarding, downhill skateboarding, slidin' sideways, hittin' the pools, surfin' the streets and other great things in life. Holdin' the fort down in Georgia. Supported by Jati Boards, Action Board Sports, Metro WHeel Co, Fear To Faith Clothing, RipTide Bushings, and partner in crime with sk8bits.

||CURRENT SETUP||Jati Boards Karate Chop/PNL Strummers/RipTide Bushings/Metro Wheel Co Micros and Spyders

I had a ton of fun at the Salzadella Freeride this past weekend! It’s quick, windy, and full of banked turns. Really want to come back again and ride it some more cause there were a couple of things I wanted to work on. Very big thanks to @ridersflyfly for organizing a sweet event. 📷 @arcleathers 

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I’ve never heard of puck risers before and saw @palaxa rocking them at the Salzadella freeride. Made by @ridersflyfly #darkspeed
Stopped by @kainalongboard in Barcelona before we went skating. Heading to the Salzadella freeride tomorrow! #jatiboards #riptidesports #actionboardshop #prettynoiselab #darkspeed
Lizard chillin after we just had our lunch, bbq lamb chops. So goood. Year old bby lambs mmhm tasty
Here in the north it’s overcast and chilly. But the roads are amazing! And narrow.
Rainbow on our way to Asturias. Soooo many mountain roads here. So beautiful! Who skates up here?! @longboardgirlscrew @salsitohouse
Cuddling with lil salsito at @salsitohouse before we head out to the slide jam. Bring your hats, parasols, fans, ice machines, etc. It’s gonna be a hot one!
Driving back from our sesh today. It was hella rad. @salsitohouse
We had a good ol shred today #salsitohouse
At #salsitohouse and salsito is passed out
A really good tapas chain restaurant. Actually, it’s like fast food but the quality of food is good. Also, crispy bacon here is canadian bacon ;( there is nothing crispy about it
I really dig this piece. One of the three awesome paintings that depicted earthly indulgences (or something like that). The other pieces showed the beginning of earth and hell. Super trippy stuff, very unexpected from the 1500s.
The thing! Of the thing. Prado Museum temporary exhibit banner. @jatiboards !
Trying out @prettynoiselab 47* joeys with miniscule wedge/dewedge on the @jatiboards karatechop and playing around with various @riptidesports bushings. Going to the Prado today, shred tomorrow. #jatiboards #actionboardshop #prettynoiselab #riptidesports #darkspeed #longboardgirlscrew  #sk8spain2014
I might’ve gone a little too far with coloring on this one ehe #jatiboards #riptidesports #metrowheelco #slimjin35 #dragon